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Dear Friend,

I know that headline above seems unbelievable...

But over the next few minutes I'm going to prove to you with undeniable evidence that the US is headed for a major economic crash that will make the real estate bubble of 2008 seem like child's play.

Realize during an economic crisis like this, IM'ers and Info-Marketers starve, their businesses collapse, and they end up in bankruptcy court!

As a matter of fact, one IM whiz kid, who was doing tens of millions of dollars in sales every year, was having trouble making his payroll during the last crash.

Smaller IM'ers and info-marketers saw their businesses rapidly destroyed!

In the meantime, in 2008 I did $20,000,000.00 in sales and was flying around the country on my private airplane.

And just to be clear, I had no problems paying my bills (including payroll) and I was making more money than I ever had before...and I've made a lot of money!

Hi, my name is Matt Bacak.

You likely know me from the last 16 years in the Internet marketing world.

In case you don't know who I am, for years I've been the trainer and secret weapon behind guru after guru, in fact...

Some of my past customers and clients include:

Godfather Of Internet Marketing, Mark Joyner.
Bill Glazer, when he owned Dan Kennedy's company.
Russell Brunson, CEO of DotComSecrets
...and popular & well-known marketer, Ryan Deiss.

You might have come across a few of my past employees which include:

Now the Success Renegade, Devon Brown.
Now the World's Premier Sales Strategist, Kevin Nations
And, Jason Parker who made alot of money online and is now retired it.

As a matter of fact, recently an attendee at an event I went to asked me who my mentor was. Another attendee, who knows me, responded “You should be asking who he's mentored!”

I'll tell you how long I've been doing know the little padlock on the bottom of opt in forms?

(Example image above taken from someone's free online template)

Yeah, that was my idea in 2003.

After the CAN-SPAM act we had to get opt in's in order to email people. I found that little lock increased opt in rates by 186%. Now everyone with an opt in box on the internet is using the same little icon.

I'm not saying that to impress you, I just want you to know that you're talking with an expert...a guy who knows what he's talking about. I want you to know you can feel confident getting advice from me.

Even if you're familiar with who I am, you likely do
not know that I'm not JUST an Internet Marketer.

On the contrary, I've been building businesses far longer than I've been marketing on the Internet.

For example, I started my first business as a child when I found I could easily convert the people on my newspaper route to lawn mowing customers. Then I found friends to mow the lawns for me.

I made only half the money from each lawn, but I could handle 3 times as many lawns as I could on my own...and I didn't have to mow any lawns!

I've repeatedly built businesses all my life, including building several businesses while I was becoming “famous” in the IM and Info-Publishing world.

Because of my experience in business, which stretches from local small businesses to international behemoths in their industry, I learned early on how critical it is to an entrepreneur to understand the underlying economy in the marketplace.

I don't mean you have to be an economist or some sort of financial genius, but you better know what's going on so you can be prepared to maximize growth and profits during the good times and redouble your efforts during hard times.

That said, 2016 is going to tough for the US economy.

I don't expect you to take my word for it...I'm going to show you evidence from a bestselling author and economist, who is also a CIA insider.

The CIA reached out to him after they realized his economic models would've predicted the 9/11 terrorist attack had they given him the correct information for him to process.

Heck, he was responsible for saving the entire world banking system in 1998 during a major financial crisis you likely never heard of. The entire world's banking system was less than 24 hours away from shutting down, and this man saved it!

His name is Jim Rickards and what he has to say about the upcoming financial crisis will scare the pants off of you if you understand the impact it will have on your personal bank account and on your business profitability.

But you don't have to take Jim's word for it because I'm also going to give you hard numbers about the economy generated by the government and Federal Reserve and explained by Peter Schiff. Peter has built a $70,000,000.00 fortune for himself, and made billions in profits for his clients, by understanding the movement of financial markets.

He even owns his own international bank, which only does business outside of the US with non-US citizens.

Basically, all of these guys know what they're talking about, and all of them are looking for a catastrophic economic upheaval in 2016.

I know some of this might sound dry, but I promise you...the next few minutes could easily make the difference in you getting rich or going broke over the next 12 months.

“I refuse to take part in any recession.”

Yes indeed, the battle cry of the Pollyanna, ever optimistic crowd...who inevitably get ground up and spit out by economic instability.

I saw guys saying this while their businesses were falling apart in 2008. No matter how hard I tried to convince them to take a realistic view at the world....they just kept saying, “I refuse to take part in the recession,” and continued to lose money, until they were working for someone else.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of positive thinking. My ability to “see the silver lining” has gotten me through some really tough times in the past.

That said, I'm not a fan of Pollyanna type denial.

It's good to keep a positive outlook, but burying your head in the
sand, refusing to prepare for hard times, and denying that the
economy has a direct effect on your business is just stupid!

Think of it this way, if I'm on a cruise ship and the captain sees rough seas and a large storm ahead, I want him to avoid the storm.

If he can't avoid it, I want him to believe he can navigate the storm.

More importantly, I want him to recognize the danger of the storm and have the unshakable confidence that comes with him to battening down the hatches and preparing to sail through it.

That's what we're talking about. We see a storm we can't avoid, so we don't just want to think positive about getting through the storm, we want to assess the danger and batten down the hatches of your business so you have unshakable confidence that you will get through the storm...

And make more money while you're sailing through it.

At the same time, your competition will be dying on the vine, and you'll be the only choice available to your marketplace.

You'll make more money during the economic storm and you'll be the “last man standing” when the dust settles. As the economy starts to grow again you'll be the only choice in your niche...

And that's when you'll get ridiculously rich!!

We all want full bank accounts, we all want the “Internet lifestyle,” and we all want million dollar incomes.

The only way to get and maintain those goals is to be acutely aware of the condition of the economy we are doing business in, and adjust our strategy accordingly.

Like I said, you don't have to be an economist, or an expert, but you can't get blind sided either.

Don't let your business be the ship that sinks when you should be the captain who sees what's happening and sails right through.

What's all this Crisis Talk Matt,
I haven't heard a word of it on the news.
As a matter of fact, they say everything is great!

CIA insider and world famous economist, Jim Rickards, points out in his book, The Death of Money:

"The American dollar has been the global reserve currency since the end of the Second World War. If
the dollar fails, the entire international monetary system will fail with it. No other currency
has the deep, liquid pools of assets needed to do the job.

Optimists have always said, in essence, that there’s nothing to worry about—that confidence in the dollar will never truly be shaken, no matter how high our national debt or how dysfunctional our government. But in the last few years, the risks have become too big to ignore. While Washington is gridlocked and unable to make progress on our long-term problems, our biggest economic competitors—China, Russia, and the oil producing nations of the Middle East—are doing everything possible to end U.S. monetary hegemony. The potential results: Financial warfare. Deflation. Hyperinflation. Market collapse. Chaos."

Basically Jim is saying the rest of the world will not allow our politicians, on both sides of the isle, to continue to be so irresponsible with our economy. If they won't rein in the spending and borrowing, the rest of the world will stop allowing it by refusing to loan us money and refusing to take the dollar in payment of any debts, like they do now.

I know that reads like a death sentence for modern society, but I assure you it is not. Jim also points out that the worldwide financial system has collapsed 3 times in the last 100 years, in 1914, 1939, and 1971.

All of those collapses had dramatic fall out for the world, but life went on. And those who were prepared got ridiculously rich!

To be clear, I'm not trying to scare you!

I just want you to understand, there's only two choices at this point...broke and out of business or getting massively, ridiculously rich over the next few years.

Rickards isn't the only person calling for tough times in 2016.

Peter Schiff of Euro-Pacific Capital points out many key statistics - put out by the Fed and the Government - are pointing to a recession.

Peters understand of the financial markets has made him a millionaire 70 times over. He is an expert whose interpretations should be closely listened to.

He points out retail sales are down over a full percentage point since May, and the clear trend in industrial production and capacity utilization for the last 6 months has been negative...

Heck, even Capital One has seen charge offs of bad credit card debt spike starting in the 3rd quarter of 2014. Employed people with money don't just stop paying their credit card bills. However, credit cards are the first bill people stop paying when they're having financial difficulty.

And more people defaulting on their credit cards isn't good news for people who do business on the Internet!

The bottom line about the stats is, there's simply no economic indicator that suggests the economy is strong.

And remember, if the economy weakens Info-Marketers and IM'ers are hit harder than any other business. The truth is, our stuff is optional and lots of other businesses aren't.

People are going to buy gas, they are going to buy food, they are going to pay for a place to live.

When it comes to cutting back because they are scared or because they lose their job, or's your service they're cutting first.

Don't fool yourself, your business is NOT recession proof!

As your market shrinks, because more and more people refuse to buy, you'd better know how and where to find the good buyers...the buyers who are still employed and have the money and desire to buy your products and services.

I know, you think unemployment is going down and the economy is strong, because that's what you heard on the news, right?

Official unemployment is reported at 5.2%, down from 5.7% in January. That looks like almost full employment, but it fails to take into account the number of involuntary part-time workers.

These are people who are working part time because the can't find full time work or their jobs don't have enough work to keep them busy full time.

They're working to buy groceries.
Many of these workers were to be solid middle class employees, now often times their house is in foreclosure, they had to give a car back to the bank and/or they are just treading water financially.

In short, these people might have jobs but they're, what I call, “functionally unemployed.”

There are 8.26 million unemployed and another 6.51 million involuntary part-time workers.

Together that's 14.77 million unemployed, or “functionally unemployed,” Americans. That's much closer to 9.5%.

And with the economy creating less jobs now than last year, the unemployment number is bound to get worse. Between January and July of 2014, the economy created 240,000 jobs per month, same time frame this year, only 178,000 jobs per month.

And most of the created jobs in July were restaurant jobs and retail jobs.

 Neither is very high paying!

You think a bunch of part time waiters are going to have enough money to buy enough of your stuff to support you? I don't think so...

The bottom line is: Things are about to get tough and you MUST know where to find the buyers when the $h!t hits the fan!!

Why Should You Care What I Say?

To be blunt, because in 2008, while a certain IM Wunderkind couldn't make payroll and Info-marketers were looking for jobs to pay their bills, I was having a banner year.

Anyone can make huge money in boom times, but trying to make money when the economic tide is against you is another matter all together.

Yes I made a fortune when the economy boomed between 2000 and 2007, but I also made a fortune in 2008.

$20 Million to be exact!

While everyone else was trying to keep their business afloat, I was closing almost $56,000 in sales every day.

That's close to $2,300 in sales every minute...flowing into my pockets, from 15 different automatic income streams.

In every single second of 2008, $38 hit one of my accounts...24 hours a day/seven days a week/52 weeks a year.


Now that we are approaching another economic cliff...

I know I'll make more than ever before,
and I want to help you do the same thing.

Frankly I was shocked at how hard so many marketers were hit in 2007/2008. I was making so much money I thought everyone else was too, and it scared me when so many of them started falling off.

It was so unnerving to see my friends and colleagues have so much financial trouble, I took $500,000.00 cash, of my own money, and decided it was time to run a seminar to get as many marketers as possible back on track.

I reached out to everyone I knew, cashed in every favor I had, and arranged for the most eclectic, most knowledgeable and ultimately powerful group of marketing experts that has ever been assembled, or likely will ever be assembled.

I had, literally, the best marketers alive today. Some of them started their career in the middle of the last century, others started in the last decade...all of them have made and were making millions doing what they do.

The mission...

To save the industry I love from near total decimation.

I agreed that the speakers could make offers to the group but they HAD to give tremendous value just in their speech.

I told them, in no uncertain terms, “I want your speech to be so valuable that it could be a product all on it's own!”

Those that wouldn't agree were out...those that did agree put on the most powerful, information packed seminar I have ever seen!

The seminar was so powerful, people were sleeping in their cars just to make sure they didn't miss one second...not one word any of the speakers had to say.

The most powerful speakers of the entire event.

At the risk of pissing off some of the speakers at the event, which I truly hope I don't do, I have to say the most powerful speakers, from my point of view, were Ted Nicholas and Joe Sugarman.

If you've never heard of Joe and Ted before, my first reaction is, “Shame on you...where have you been?”

My next reaction is, “Time to remedy a fatal mistake in your direct marketing education.”

You see, the reason I was flying high on a rocket cycle in 2008, while so many people were crashing and burning is because what I learned from Ted and Joe.

Specifically, I had studied Joe's career, in detail, for years and I joined a mastermind that was run by Ted that year.

These men have seen it all. They've been through recession after recession, the great depression, and all the corresponding boom times.

They saw the:

• 70's economy, with double digit unemployment inflation and interest rates, and still made money,

• Early 80's recession with 10.8% unemployment, and still made money

• The 90's recession, and still made money,

• The tech wreck, when the .com bubble burst and the economy shuddered in the early 2000's; and still made money, and;

• and of course, the 2007 Real Estate Bubble Burst; and still made money...

And in truth their experience goes way back from there.

Heck, Ted has been an entrepreneur since his late teens, when he started Peterson's House of Fudge and grew it to a 30 location candy store giant.

It was only at 35 that he realized he could write a book, “How to Form Your Own Corporation without a Lawyer for Less than $50,” and sell it via direct marketing methods.

Just to give you some perspective...I have an ad in my swipe files from 1975 advertising that's still for sale today, and still drives sales for “The Corporation Company,” even though Ted sold the book and company decades ago.

And Joe has marketed more products and services than, maybe, any other direct marketer alive.

He started his direct marketing product career with the first pocket calculator.

He sold it via direct mail and advertisements in newspapers and magazine, like the Wall Street Journal.

The simple pocket calculator sold for $179!

There's no doubt you're familiar with his most famous and profitable product..BluBlockers.

If you're a real direct marketing student, you've likely studied copies of JS&A Catalog, in which Joe sold the most cutting edge consumer technology of the day.

The copy was amazing, and the sales were even better!

There's not a direct marketer alive who has run successful businesses during more recessions and depressions than Joe Sugarman and Ted Nicholas.

If you can learn how to keep you business growing during a bad economy from anyone on Earth...these are the men to learn from.

You Can Have My Notes on Joe
and Ted's Presentations...FREE!!

In my notes I extracted the bare bones, hard hitting advice both Joe and Ted offered to the attendees of the “Greatest Seminar Ever Held.”

I'll cheerfully send you a PDF of my hand written notes...

... if you will agree to try my new audio, called:

 How to Survive and Thrive When the Economy Hits the Wall.

Down to brass tacks, I want to make sure this industry, the IM and Info-marketing businesses, don't see the same “crash and burn” that happened during the 2008 real estate bubble. I want to make sure people like, Temper, who is a 17 year old I mentor and is doing almost $50,000 a month on the internet right now.

Or folks like Steve, who I mentor and has used the skills he learned from me to open a high end internet marketing agency for bricks and mortar businesses,

or Mike who used my teachings to go from broke to 1.9 million a year in income...

I want to make sure these folks, and all IM'ers, including you, can continue to make more and more money in 2016 and beyond.

And when we come out the other side of this thing you'll have the opportunity to see $10,000,000.00+ years if you want to!

So with your permission...

I will send you brand new audio recording “How to Survive and Thrive When the Economy Hits the Wall” packed with 11 tactics and strategies to help you build a bullet proof business which will grow now and in the coming recession.

I gave a copy in secret to 10 of my collegues and asked them if they thought it was worth my asking price.

All of them replied with an enthusiastic YES!...

Their first reaction was:

”This is such great information, why are you practically giving it away”

Like most things in life, the answer is simple.

I want to see you do better now, better still in 2016, and really kick ass beyond.

In short, you'll hear everything you need to make more money now, make more money in 2016, and make obscene amounts of money when the economy starts growing again.

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Matt Bacak

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